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Strategies of Taking the Construction Sector From the Crisis

On April 1st website hosted a press-conference featuring Olexiy Luganov, president of the board of Ukrbudkontrakt, Nataliya Dotsenko-Bilous, a lawyer of Vasil Kisil and Partners legal firm, and Stanislav Dubko, Credit-Rating’s CEO, dedicated to the topic ‘Strategies of Taking the Construction Sector from the Crisis’.

The experts have considered the following questions:

  • Construction of affordable residences: challenges and prospects.
  • How to protect investors-buyers of affordable residences: legal aspects.
  • State residential certificates: seeking balance of interests of the state, investors, developers and financial institutions.
  • Use of credit ratings is a way to draw population’s funds back to the financial and construction sectors.

Questions: What is affordable residence and what the ratings for? Is it possible to eradicate bribery in the construction sector? To what bank should money be deposited? How to protect investor-buyer of affordable residences? What are the forecasts of value of residences in the primary market for this year? What number of buildings is being built in Kiev? When the construction sector will be out of the crisis?

Answers for these and other questions may be found HERE

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