Credit-Rating confirms the rating of Odesa at uaАА-, determines investment attractiveness at uaINV5 (the highest level) Credit-Rating confirms the rating of Odesa at uaАА-

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Credit-Rating has made an important step in implementation of its global development strategy – the agency has established a Regional Rating Scale for CIS countries. This scale is intended to be used for assessment of risks that pertain to an entity operating in CIS countries, and to its debts. A rating by regional rating scale allows for comparing creditworthiness of different and various economic entities: sovereign governments, municipalities, banks, insurers, and other companies within a certain region. A region in this context is represented with a number of countries which are linked with each other with close economic and commercial ties, a comparative level of transition and social and economic development.

As opposed to national and international ratings, the credit ratings issued by the regional scale are intended for use in a number of region’s countries rather than in one country. At that the regional scale rating allows for employment of virtually all scale’s spectrum and contains more valuable information for inter-regional investor than those of international rating agencies. The ratings by CIS regional scale may be indicators allowing for comparison of companies domiciled in different countries of the region.

Credit-Rating has conducted an assessment of creditworthiness of sovereign governments in the member states of CIS and assigned credit ratings by the regional scale. While conducting rating analysis Credit-Rating considered state of budget, monetary, banking, currency systems and financial market, debt-related policy, level of transition, political factors, geopolitical situation in the region and key events that may affect creditworthiness in future.

Sovereign credit ratings of CIS countries by the regional scale – a rating report (russ)

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