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What is making foreigners to sell Ukrainian banks for $1?
Ukrainian banks had a rough year in 2012. With the year coming to a close, it is an opportune time to look back at the main causes and examine the prospects in 2013 and beyond. High macroeconomic uncertainties,devaluation expectations, and administrative regulation, as well as a lack of creditworthyborrowers are the complex of factors that characterized the Ukrainian banking sector in 2012...
Credit-Rating: dynamics in credit rating changes gives the evidence of a slow recovery of the economy
The last 18 months (from January 2010 to June 2011) revealed decrease in the number of credit ratings downgrades – approximately only 4% of all ratings under Credit-Rating monitoring procedures were downgraded during the above period. The previous 1,5 years (from July 2008 to December 2009) when the Ukraine’s economy significantly suffered from crisis consequences, witnessed downgrades of 15% of all ratings...
Credit-Rating CEO’s address to clients
Dear clients, partners, and users of Credit-Rating’s products! I address you in connection with the outstanding events of recent days relating to legislative aspects of Credit-Rating’s activities. The provision of rating services is not a licensed type of activity, and the status of authorized rating agency granted by the State Commission for Securities and Stock Market of Ukraine enables to assign ratings which are mandatory by the legislation...
Credit-Rating: Ukraine’s economy in January and February 2011
Credit-Rating has today published its monthly survey of the current state and development prospects of Ukraine’s real and financial sectors of economy, of the national external environment, public finances and government’s debt-related policy in January and February 2011...
Credit-Rating: Insurance sector becoming more transparent
The results of the survey carried out by Credit-Rating show enhanced transparency of Ukraine’s insurance sector in 2010. The agency has analyzed quality of disclosure of information by the biggest insurers in open sources, specifically in their corporate web-sites...
Credit-Rating foresees revival in Ukraine’s bond market in 2011
Credit-Rating believes that the borrowings market is likely to fully recover in 2011. Unlike in 2 previous years, active participants of the domestic bond market in 2011 will be represented by not only the government and large state companies, but also by other entities...
Credit-Rating: Ukraine’s Economy in November and December 2010
Credit-Rating has today published its monthly survey of Ukraine’s economic development in November and December 2010. The survey features evaluation of real and financial sectors of economy, of external environment, state budget sector and government’s debt-related policy...
Credit-Rating expects decline in net insurance premiums at around 5% in 2011
This year no substantial positive changes occurred in Ukrainian insurance sector. The sector's key figures still demonstrate downward trend in terms of premiums raised, reimbursements paid, insurance reserves, portion of insurance agreements renewed for next period...
Credit-Rating: Ratings For Bond Issues Mandatory
Due to recurring inquires with regard to mandatory nature of ratings assigned to bond issues and mortgage bond issues, Credit-Rating notes that pursuant to the Law of Ukraine ‘On State Regulation of Rating Services Market in Ukraine’ (Article 41), all types of securities issues are subject to rating assessment, except for shares and securities issued by the state, the State Mortgage Institution, and non-diversified mutual funds...
Credit-Rating: Ukraine’s Economy in September and October 2010
Credit-Rating has today published a monthly survey of Ukraine’s economic development in September and October 2010. The survey features evaluation of real and financial sectors of economy, of balance of payments, of currency and stock markets, state budget sector and government’s debt-related policy...
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