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Credit-Rating Sums Up Accuracy of Exchange Rate Forecasting for August 2010
Credit-Rating continues to carry out a monthly analysis of implementation of forecasts within a contest ‘The Most Accurate Forecast of Exchange Rates for 2010’. The forecast of USD exchange rate for August 2010 continues to demonstrate rather high accuracy...
Credit-Rating Sums Up Economic Figures For July and August 2010
Credit-Rating has today published a monthly survey of Ukraine’s economic development in July and August 2010. The survey features evaluation of real and financial sectors of economy, of balance of payments, of currency and stock markets, state budget sector and government’s debt-related policy...
Credit-Rating Analyzed Accuracy of Currency Rates Forecasting for June 2010
In the framework of contest 'The Most Accurate Forecast of Currency Rates for 2010', Credit-Rating has analyzed fulfillment of experts' forecasts in July 2010. The forecasts by USD exchange rates have appeared to be rather accurate: a median deviation was recorded at UAH0...
Credit-Rating: A Ban On Municipal Borrowings To Impede Financial Opportunities of Ukrainian Municipalities
In Credit-Rating’s view a ban imposed by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine on raising borrowed funds will constrain financial opportunities of Ukrainian municipalities in terms of implementation of investment-hungry projects aimed at renewal of municipal infrastructure and will aggravate cumulated problems in housing and transport sectors of Ukrainian cities...
Credit-Rating: Raised Capitalization to Partially Enhance Investors’ Protection
Credit-Rating believes that raised NBU’s (National Bank of Ukraine) requirements to banks’ capitalization and restrictions on attraction of funds from the public are aimed in the first place at protection of creditors’ rights and at decreasing banks’ dependency upon funds from the public...
Credit-Rating: USD/UAH Exchange Rate to Remain, EUR to Rise – Analysts Say
The majority of financial experts does not expect wide fluctuations in USD/UAH exchange rate through end-2010 and anticipate rise in EUR/UAH rate. This was the results of USD and EUR exchange rate analysis carried out by Credit-Rating’s Department for Methodology Development and Rating Researches...
Credit-Rating: Banking Sector – Recovery Under High Risks
Credit-Rating has today published a survey of Ukraine’s banking system in 1Q2010. The survey features assessment of the banking sector, including its financial indicators, operating environment and regulations, as well as major threats and prospects. Credit-Rating notes retention of positive trends in banks’ resources and enhanced liquidity of the banking sector, which may contribute to faster recovery of the system and to increased lending activities in future...
Credit-Rating: VAT-Exempt Residential Property Transactions as Step to Recovery In Construction
Credit-Rating believes that the exemption from value added tax on residential property may lead to certain decrease in home prices yet will have no significant impact on revival in construction activities. In Credit-Rating’s view restoration in volumes of construction works may occur only after increase in population’s purchasing capacity, renewal of banks’ mortgage lending, and lending to construction companies...
Credit-Rating: Foreign Currency-Denominated Loans May Become More Affordable
Credit-Rating believes that changes in banks’ provisioning by foreign currency lending transactions considerably lower requirements and will boost lending activities of banks with foreign capital, especially considering the fact that many financial institutions (mainly subsidiaries of foreign banks) have accumulated excessive liquidity...
Credit-Rating: New Budget Code to Reinforce Centralization of Ukraine’s Budget System
Credit-Rating believes that the reformation of the budget-related and fiscal legislation in Ukraine, which declared objectives include decentralization of public finances and reinforcement of financial system of local governments, will increase impact of central government on the regions’ budget policy...
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