Credit-Rating confirms the rating of Odesa at uaАА-, determines investment attractiveness at uaINV5 (the highest level) Credit-Rating confirms the rating of Odesa at uaАА-

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Credit ratings - Credit rating by the national scale is the agency’s current opinion about creditworthiness of a certain Ukrainian obligor (counterparty rating) or a certain debt obligation (issue rating). Credit rating is a comprehensive tool for assessment of reliability of obligor’s debt obligations and for determining price for relevant credit risk.

Credit rating is an assessment of obligor’s financial capacity, with each type of obligors – i.e. a company, a bank, an insurer or a municipality applied separate methodology of assessment.

Ratings of corporate governance - Rating of corporate governance is an independent opinion of the rating agency about existing system of company’s corporate governance, its compliance with the interests of financially interested parties, primarily of its owners. The rating of corporate governance allows for differentiation of companies depending on the quality of their corporate governance, and capturing inherent national peculiarities.

Bank deposit ratings - The Bank Deposit Ratings reflect Credit-Rating’s opinion of a bank’s capacity to meet its commitments on deposit obligations in a timely and full manner in the next 12 months.

This type of ratings enables potential depositors to make selection of the most reliable banks and decide on expediency of depositing their funds to the bank or prolongation of existing deposit agreement.

Insurer Strength Rating - The insurer strength rating exhibits the agency’s opinion regarding capability and willingness of an insurance company, which operates in Ukraine, to meet its commitments on repayment of insurance reimbursements/cumulated insurance amounts in a timely and full manner. While conducting a rating procedure the agency considers company’s policy regarding repayments of reimbursements to individuals and company’s loyalty towards its customers more thoroughly than while assigning a credit rating.



Improvment of transparency and investment attractiveness of the national economy and mitigation of risks by independent assessment of obligors' reliability

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