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Monthly survey of Ukraine's economy for January and March 2011
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Survey of Cognac Market
In 2010 the cognac output in Ukraine was recorded at 3.4 million dal, which was 0.3 dcl or 9.7% more than that of 2009. Despite the rising cognac output in the past year, the key players in this market have not managed to achieve results recorded in the pre-crisis year of 2008 (in 2009 the cognac output shrank by 21% or 0...
Monthly survey of Ukraine's economy for January and February 2011
Assessment of the current state and of development prospects of real and financial sectors of the national economy, as well as of external sector, public finances, and of state debt policy displays traditional risks persisiting in 2011, which factor in functioning Ukraine's economy...
Retail trade: results of 2010 and trends in 2011
In 2010 the rise in retail sector was recorded at 7.6% (the retail turnover increased to UAH530 billion). This indicator has been partially underpinned by low comparison basis and changes in calculations of this indicator by the State Committee for Statistics...
Analysis of the operating environment and general state of the banking system in 2010
Despite the gradual improvements in some sectors of the economy, high liquidity in the banking sector, a stable exchange rate and monetary policy in recent years, the operating environment remains challenging, which may be explained by controversial decisions of judicial and regulatory bodies with respect to foreign currency loans, premature execution of certain obligations, as well as other aspects of banks' cooperation with their customers...
Economic development of Ukraine: Results of 2010
By the end of 2010 the State Budget of Ukraine received income in the amount of UAH240.5 billion. That makes 94,3% of the annual plan, according to the latest adjustments and by 14,7% more than in 2009. In December 2010 alone there were received UAH25.2 billion, that was by 18...
Creditworthiness of agricultural companies in 2010
Unlike 2009, when agribusiness companies have experienced the peak of the crisis or felt the effects of its influence, in 2010 became a turning point for many of them and marked reduction in production volumes, improved financial performance and reduced debt burden...
source: APK-INFORM
Monthly survey of Ukraine's economy in November and December 2010
In November 2010 the fulfillment of the state budget was marked by a considerable growth in the revenues: the amount of receipts was recorded at UAH30.8bn in the month, which was the biggest volume since early 2010 (with monthly average gains at a. UAH18bn)...
Waiting for Tail Wind
This year no positive substantial changes occurred in the Ukrainian insurance sector. The sector's key figures still demonstrate downward trend in terms of premiums raised, reimbursements paid, insurance reserves, portion of insurance agreements renewed for next period...
Characteristics of Ukraine's private healthcare market
Key competetive advantages of private healthcare insitutions in Ukraine are the following: higher level and complex approach in providing services to a client, orientation to client's needs, modern equipment, continious personnel training. Today around 20% of Ukraine's population may afford being cured in private healthcare institutions...
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