Credit-Rating confirms the rating of Odesa at uaАА-, determines investment attractiveness at uaINV5 (the highest level) Credit-Rating confirms the rating of Odesa at uaАА-

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Рейтинговая процедура


At this stage client’s authorized representatives need to register the application officially and to sign an agreement on implementation of rating procedure. At this time company and client’s representatives discuss all the questions concerning rating assignment and main aspects of future cooperation.

Analytic group

After all the questions are discussed, Credit-Rating agency begins preparation procedure and forms analytic group. Analytic group consists of two or three analysts and group manager (leading analyst) who controls the whole work.

Information requirements

To get all the information necessary for analysis, ‘Credit-Rating’ agency sends a client the letter with information requirements: a list of all the information and documents necessary for credit rating analysis. ‘Credit-Rating’ guarantees that your confidential information will be kept safe.

Meetings with client company managers

Meetings and consultations with client company managers and officials are very important in the process of credit rating assignment. As a rule, we need two or three meetings. In the first meeting analysts would ask questions about financial plans and further development prospects. This information helps us to remain objective in assessment of client’s financial position for the long-term period.


All the information obtained from a client or other reliable sources is processed with a help of special methodologies, worked out by our agency.

Analysis consists of the following components:

Qualitativeanalysis – our specialists study management system of the issuer, financial and development plans, conduct SWAT-analysis, pay special attention to documentation, market niche, economic activity.

Quantitative analysis – analysts study accounts coefficients that determine financial activity and financial position of the issuer. We use both standard methods (analysis of internal and external factors, profitability) and special methods worked out by out analysts to determine financial position and development tendencies of the issuer.

Legal analysis – we study financial and economic activity of the issuer to be sure it corresponds to Ukrainian Legislation; analysis also includes studying of management, labor and business relations and legal field of cooperation between central office and affiliates.

After all types of analysis have been conducted, the results are brought together and analytic group sums up pilot analysis. Final meeting with client company managers serves for completing missing information or clearing up some questionable situations. It is necessary for qualified analysis and procession of final analysis results.

Final results represent characteristics of client’s business, assessment of its market niche, financial and strategic situation and development trends.

Rating committee

Analytic group prepares presentation based on results of analysis and suggests assigning one or another credit rating. The presentation is submitted to rating committee consisting of four or five members. All committee members are qualified in the sphere of client company’s activity. Having studied all the materials, rating committee takes a decision about credit rating assignment. A client receives written notice and rating report with detailed grounding of assigned rating.

Rating publication

Decision about rating publication is taken by a client individually. Client may decide not to publish assigned rating. Even if rating is not published the procedure of credit rating assignment remains useful as conclusions of agency analysts written in the rating report may help to determine factors influencing client’s credibility. Their improvement in the future may lead to credit rating upgrade. Agency may not submit publication of upgrades/downgrades of once published rating to client’s approval.


If a client thinks that in the process of rating assignment some important factors have not been taken into consideration, client’s authorized representatives may appeal to rating committee within the next ten days after rating assignment. The appeal will be accepted only if a client can bring new data and documents that are important for rating procedure. After examination of these documents, credit rating committee will take a decision which cannot be appealed.

Appeal procedure does not influence on client’s rights on rating publication.


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