Credit-Rating confirms the rating of Odesa at uaАА-, determines investment attractiveness at uaINV5 (the highest level) Credit-Rating confirms the rating of Odesa at uaАА-

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Founded in 2001 Credit-Rating is the first rating agency in Ukraine committed to assessment of issuer's solvency and to assignment of credit ratings pursuant to the National rating scale. Since 2003 the agency's rating estimations have been officially recognized by Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. Since 2004 Credit-Rating has been an authorized agency of State Commission for Securities and Stock Market for assigning ratings to economic entities, to industries and municipalities. Starting from 2007 the agency assigns corporate governance ratings.  

Within its global development strategy, the Agency has launched an office in Belarus, developed regional rating scale for CIS and assigned the sovereign ratings to the governments of 12 CIS member states.To increase transparency and investment attractiveness of national economy, the Agency conducts annual researches of information transparency of Ukrainian banks and insurance companies.

In 2010 the agency became a member-founder of European Association of Credit Rating Agencies (EACRA).

The agency renders the following services

  • Assignment of credit ratings to companies, banks, insurers, and municipalities according to the National scale, which has been developed specially for credit risk assessment in the Ukrainian market environment.
  • Assignment of credit ratings to particular debt obligations (bonds, loans) according to the National scale.
  • Corporate Governance Ratings as the rating agency’s independent evaluation of a company’s existing corporate governance system.
  • Bank Deposit Ratings showing the agency’s independent opinion of a bank’s capability to fulfill undertaken obligations to return deposits within the next 12 months timely and in full.
  • Insurer Strength Ratings has been developed specially for the insurance service users with the purpose to increase their awareness of insurers’ reliability.

Pursuant to Resolution #1042 of the State Commission for Securities and Stock Market selected by the authorized rating agency for monthly publishing its assigned and revised ratings are Jornal of the National Commission for Securities and Stock Market (certificate of registration КВ №12082-953 ПР of 11.12.2006) and Credit-Rating Monitor (certificate of registration КВ №12404-1288Р of 22.03.2007)

The agency has assigned 1194 ratings, specifically to 879 Ukrainian companies, 244 financial institutions and 71 municipalities.

Rating services 

Credit rating is a universal instrument of credit risk assessment. It empowers a company to show potential investors and existing partners its solvency and readiness to work openly and transparently.

There are two types of credit ratings: issuer credit rating (assigned to enterprises, banks, insurance companies, local authorities) and issue credit ratings (assigned to bonds, loans, etc.).

Credit rating allows:

  • to strengthen relations with all types of contractors
  • to be distinguished among other Ukrainian enterprises and to attract investors
  • to show efficient financial performance without divulging any confidential information
  • to place bonds or other debt instruments on the best terms
  • to create a positive track record and financial reputation
  • to diversify debt instruments and to reduce their servicing cost
  • to assess your performance efficiency 
  • to determine key strategic factors affecting the obligor's solvency

A credit rating by the National Rating Scale is neccessary to be used by obligors in the national market. The principal advantage of an international credit rating - a comparability of credit risks by all obligors irrespectively of their domiciles - becomes a disadvantage in emerging markets since the international rating assigned to an obligor (issuer) may not be higher than the sovereign rating of the obligor's domicile.

Today the Ukraine's sovereign ratings remain low pertaining to the speculative grade. This results in the fact that investors operating in the national market cannot employ international credit ratings efficiently. This may only be possible by using ratings of the National rating scale, which are assigned in its full range - from the highest (for the most reliable obligors in the national market) to the lowest (for the weakest obligors).

Credit-Rating is an independent private company. It does not incorporate governmental departments, financial institutions neither investment companies. To remain unbiased, the agency does not act as a participant of financial market or a creditor of the companies rated.

Credit-Rating is a member of Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, of Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry and of American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.

Further information may be obtained in the agency's office:
1, Mezhigirs'ka str., Kiev 04070
tel.: (+380 44) 490-25-50, ad.111
fax (+380 44) 490-25-54;


Improvment of transparency and investment attractiveness of the national economy and mitigation of risks by independent assessment of obligors' reliability

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