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Credit-Rating offers its services in providing with analytical reviews that cover different sectors and types of activities (i.e. industry reviews, industry reports, comparison tables representing financial indices of different sectors).

The analysis is carried out as at a certain date (or for a certain reported period) and may be provided on regular basis or one time.

We provide the following information products:

  1. Industry reviews: these are descriptions of activities of the companies that operate within given industry, nature of the market segment, ongoing trends and development prospects.
  2. Industry reports: these comprise condensed structured data presented in standardized form that consists average industry’s financial indicators, their dynamics and comments for each indicator. Beside, industry report captures dynamics of accumulated balance sheet indicators and ratios calculated on their basis.
  3. Comparison tables representing companies’ financial indices: the data contained in the comparison tables may be used for comparison certain characteristics of different sectors (or types of activities). The tables contain consolidated information on indicators in different industries (types of activities). We calculate both the average indicators and accumulated industry’s indicators. The information on the financial indicators may be given as follows:
  • Comparison tables containing indicators for the given industries
  • Dynamics of indicators in the given industries for a certain period
  • Comparison tables representing changes in certain indicators by the given industries for a certain period

The structure of proposed information products:



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