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Monthly survey of Ukraine's economy in November and December 2010

In November 2010 the fulfillment of the state budget was marked by a considerable growth in the revenues: the amount of receipts was recorded at UAH30.8bn in the month, which was the biggest volume since early 2010 (with monthly average gains at a. UAH18bn). According to 11M2010 totals the amount of receipts to the state budget was recorded at UAH215.3bn - 7.3% more than in similar year-earlier period. Even though, the fulfillment of the annual plan by the budget revenues in 11M2010 remained modest at around 85%. In order to provide for the annual revenue plan fulfillment, it is neccessary to gain UAH38bn by the general and special budget funds in December, and this may pose a tough task considering the fact that there is anticipated no such large tax receipts in December 2010 as those in November.


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Olena Samoylova
директор департамента рейтинговых исследований
Andrey Kulik
Начальник отдела корпоративных рейтингов
Pavlo Troschinskiy
начальник отдела корпоративных рейтингов, кандидат экономических наук
Yekaterina Vasina
начальник сектора, кандидат экономических наук
Viktor Shulik
ведущий финансовый аналитик отдела рейтингов финансовых организаций
Irina Veremenko
ведущий финансовый аналитик отдела муниципальных рейтингов
Aleksey Chernorotov
Начальник отдела корпоративных рейтингов

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