Credit-Rating confirms the rating of Odesa at uaАА-, determines investment attractiveness at uaINV5 (the highest level) Credit-Rating confirms the rating of Odesa at uaАА-

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Credit-Rating Casts Up April’s Economy Trends
Credit-Rating has today released a monthly survey of Ukraine’s economy development in April 2010. The survey features evaluation of real and financial sectors of economy, of balance of payments, of currency and stock markets, state budget sector and government’s debt-related policy...
Banks with Russian Capital Became More Active in Lending to Corporates
Credit-Rating notes that Ukrainian banking institutions are gradually restoring lending to legal entities. According to the National Bank of Ukraine, the amount of loans granted to legal entities in 1Q2010 rose by UAH3bn. At that, the Ukrainian banks with Russian capital increased lending to legal entities by UAH2...
Rising Tax Burden in 2010 Will Contribute to Further Economy Shadowing
Credit-Rating thinks that the measures aimed at intensifying the tax burden are not going to fully help resolve issues connected with mobilization of recourses in budgets in the amounts necessary for implementation anti-crisis policy and will not solve the problem of balancing state finances...
Credit-Rating: A Ban on Raising Funds Before Obtaining Permission for Construction Will Not Affect Risks in the Sector
Credit-Rating notes that the introduction of a ban on raising funds in the construction sector before obtaining all necessary permitting documents for construction works will not considerably mitigate investment risks in the sector, as this ban repeats requirements set by the National Commission for Securities and Stock Market...
Credit-Rating: Abolishment of Foreign Currency Auctions to Have No Significant Impact on the Currency Market and Banks’ Asset Quality
Credit-Rating believes that the abolishment of special auctions on sale of foreign currencies to borrowers for repayment their loans is not going to have a significant impact on banks’ asset quality and environment in the financial market. Since early 2010 the bid segment of the currency market has been rising gradually, accompanied by converging official and market rates (including bid rate in cash market)...
Credit-Rating: Fragile Balance – Ukraine’s Economy in March
Credit-Rating has today published a monthly review of Ukraine’s economic development. The review contains evaluation of economy’s real and financial sectors, balance of payments, currency and stock markets, budget sector and state debt policy, and inflation...
Credit-Rating: Adoption of the State Budget Enables to Solve the Problems of the State Program Budgeting
Credit-Rating notes that performing of budget indicators at all budget system’s levels in 1Q2010 under absence of the state financial plan has sharpened problems connected with funding capital expenditures and a number of current expenses that are not related to immediate...
Credit-Rating: Demand in Foreign Markets Boosts Ukraine’s Industry Growth
According to Credit-Rating, a GDP growth rate in 1Q2010 was recorded around 5% versus the similar year-earlier period. In our view, in the upcoming 2 months the industrial activity will be underpinned by the situation in the foreign markets. The national metallurgical companies increased their output rates in March, driven by continuing growth of steel and commodities prices in the world (a 26% growth compared to March 2009)...
Clients Are Back to Banks: Rising Liquidity and Resource Base
Credit-Rating notes liquidity in the banking sector continued to rise in March   The article is given in Russian
Credit-Rating: No Reasons for High Inflation Rise
Credit-Rating does not expect substantial rise of inflation rates until primary factors constraining the inflation retain – i.e. low activity of real sector of economy, low lending activities of the banks (preliminary data show the amount of loan portfolios for both individuals and legal entities decreased in March by UAH5...
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