Credit-Rating confirms the rating of Odesa at uaАА-, determines investment attractiveness at uaINV5 (the highest level) Credit-Rating confirms the rating of Odesa at uaАА-

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Mass-madia about ratings


We Do Not Sell Ratings, Yet Providing Impartial Analysis

As I hear word 'rating' I imagine posters and press-releases about conducting whatever unbelievable ratings - whether they are about conutries by standards of living or by level of corruption, the rating of the cheapest goods or highest-paid models, dangerous snakes of silliest dogs. Then I see presenting awards, prizes, flowers and certificates. And after that I see a gloomy picture: endless, diagrams, exhibits, tables and people working at computers.. People involved in issuing, assigning and revising ratings. Realizing my view is too far from reality I decided to learn what is a rating procedure over one of the most precise ratings - a credit rating. And I set may sails to the capital city to get information from the first hands - Stanislav Dubko, a CEO of Credit-Rating agency.
Stanislav Dubko: 'A thougher task is to proove our competence to the public, than to professional investors. In this case the evaluation is more emotional.. we should choose an evolutionary way'



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