Credit-Rating confirms the rating of Odesa at uaАА-, determines investment attractiveness at uaINV5 (the highest level) Credit-Rating confirms the rating of Odesa at uaАА-

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Credit-Rating: may bank deposit rating restore population’s confidence?
On April 22 the UNIAN information agency hosted a press-conference featuring the topic May new Credit-Ratings product bank deposit rating restore populations confidence in banks?, which was a public presentation of a new financial instrument bank deposit rating...
Municipalities in search of funds on energy-efficient projects
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Possible defaults in different Ukraine's economy sectors and ways to avoid them
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Loan portfolio management – first lessons of the crisis
Extra Consulting company in cooperation with Credit-Rating agency, Ukrprombank and UK-Ukraine Professional Network are privileged to invite experts from your bank to take part in our next meeting from Five O'Clock Tea cycle. The goal of these meetings is discussion of urgent topics concerning development of Ukraines banking system...
Quality of Corporate Governance Is An Important Criterion for Investors
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First-Time Direct Offer of Municipal Bonds in Ukraine
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The 6th International Investment Forum EURO 2012: Go Ukraine!
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Credit-Rating assigns its first rating of uaAAA to EKSKO PLUS`s bonds
On September 11, the Hyatt Regency Ukraine Hotel hosted a press-conference devoted to assignment of the highest national scale rating. The rating of uaAAA has been assigned to UAH363.3 million 3-year issue of registered housing bonds (A-M series) by Kiev-based EKSKO-PLUS LLC...
First-time assignment of corporate governance rating in Ukraine
On July 26 Hyatt Regency Kyiv Ukraine hotel hosted a press-lunch with participation of the leading Ukrainian mass-media devoted to first assignment in Ukraine of corporate governance rating by specially-developed national scale. The RCGuaB rating has been assigned to Kiev-based Parex Asset Management Ukraine Asset Management Company and Pension Funds Administrator...
Bond issue by city of Lutsk assigned uaBBB+. Press-conference
uaBBB+ long-term credit rating to 3-year UAH10m bond issue by city of Lutsk. The journalists’ questions were answered by Credit-Rating CEO Stanislav Dubko and Lutsk Mayor Bohdan Shiba. ‘The city’s indicators are high even being compared to other big cities, which are the agency’s clients’- Mr...
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