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JsC “Misto Bank”

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Event Date Rating Outlook Release Report
Affirmation 26.03.19 uaBB Developing /img/files/reports/report_52672BD1-70EC-4F17-90C8-63D6ABB9826F.pdf
Affirmation with outlook change 27.09.18 uaBB Developing /img/files/reports/report_11C1942E-080E-4712-B50E-0FA6F9409006.pdf
Affirmation 30.03.18 uaBB Stable /img/files/reports/report_BB6A4C9E-CACC-4C10-BAC1-B059777732E9.pdf
Downgrade with outlook change 26.12.17 uaBB Stable /img/files/reports/report_C50CE01E-57CE-40A9-BBD9-024BB87901E8.pdf
Placement to Rating Watch List with outlook change 26.09.17 uaBBB-
rating watch list
Negative /img/files/reports/report_52386C44-26B7-426B-80C5-618472F62C37.pdf
Affirmation 16.03.17 uaBBB- Negative /img/files/reports/report_4AE4AED2-092D-4064-8CF9-FF581BECE84C.pdf
Affirmation 27.10.16 uaBBB- Negative /img/files/reports/report_FBE8164F-EB30-4CF4-A141-0D283C6DF2C7.pdf
Downgrade with outlook change 16.08.16 uaBBB- Negative /img/files/reports/report_DED5F6F7-6DA6-4727-827D-25D0675E5A0D.pdf
Affirmation 22.03.16 uaBBB Stable /img/files/reports/report_410835DF-C1B1-45C9-B7A0-CEC7D4646B06.pdf
Affirmation 08.09.15 uaBBB Stable /img/files/reports/report_73069918-0E68-4982-8537-097641FAD670.pdf
Affirmation 27.03.15 uaBBB Stable
Affirmation 16.09.14 uaBBB Stable
Affirmation 18.03.14 uaBBB Stable
Affirmation 12.09.13 uaBBB Stable
Affirmation 22.03.13 uaBBB Stable
Upgrade 25.09.12 uaBBB Stable
Affirmation 28.04.12 uaBBB- Stable
Affirmation 11.10.11 uaBBB- Stable /img/files/reports/report_033EE75F-0D57-4333-86A8-9495A2F3AADC.pdf
Upgrade 28.04.11 uaBBB- Stable
Affirmation with outlook change 19.10.10 uaBB Stable
Affirmation 20.04.10 uaBB Negative
Downgrade 01.04.10 uaBB Negative
Affirmation 01.10.09 uaBBB-
rating watch list
Downgrade 07.04.09 uaBBB-
rating watch list
Affirmation with outlook change 30.12.08 uaBBB Negative
Affirmation 04.09.08 uaBBB Stable
Affirmation 28.02.08 uaBBB Stable
Assignment 09.08.07 uaBBB Stable
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