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Event Date Rating Outlook Release Report
Affirmation 08.11.18 uaAA- Stable /img/files/reports/report_6B6BD078-A355-4DE1-B75F-34C0F02E0F7F.pdf
Upgrade 20.04.18 uaAA- Stable /img/files/reports/report_45F38E10-6313-4DB9-9DF7-FD56913E96F2.pdf
Affirmation 28.11.17 uaA Stable /img/files/reports/report_19D3DC3A-0828-4EE7-BE63-59187A0D656C.pdf
Upgrade 01.06.17 uaA Stable /img/files/reports/report_901D1E85-1DA7-411C-8B37-F39862A15A1F.pdf
Affirmation 08.11.16 uaA- Stable /img/files/reports/report_1DF04EDA-F62D-4EBF-BA12-DDE971B2E67F.pdf
Upgrade with outlook change 12.08.16 uaA- Stable /img/files/reports/report_EDCC29C6-4811-43D3-832F-74AC26917118.pdf
Upgrade 24.05.16 uaBBB+ Developing /img/files/reports/report_3EECA86F-37C3-4189-A6C6-63BDD9EC50B6.pdf
Affirmation 04.12.15 uaBBB Developing /img/files/reports/report_8EA4C153-10BF-4E30-8CA0-C69EB971F5FE.pdf
Affirmation 21.05.15 uaBBB Developing
Downgrade with outlook change 01.10.14 uaBBB Developing
Suspended 20.12.11 suspended
Affirmation 22.12.10 uaA- Stable
Affirmation 03.06.10 uaA- Stable
Affirmation 15.12.09 uaA- Stable
Upgrade with outlook change 19.06.09 uaA- Stable
Affirmation with outlook change 25.11.08 uaBBB Positive
Affirmation with outlook change 12.06.08 uaBBB Developing
Affirmation 28.12.07 uaBBB Stable
Upgrade 21.06.07 uaBBB Stable
Assignment 01.06.07 uaBBB- Stable
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