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Manufacturing Company Agro-Soyuz LLC

Rating's change chart

Issue rating
Interest-bearing bonds series А total value of 10 000 000 UAH due 17.12.09

Event Date Rating Outlook Release Report
Withdrawal 21.04.10 withdrawn
Affirmation 20.04.10 uaB Negative /img/files/reports/report_AFF5AD5E-549C-406E-86C2-ABD284E1EFF7.pdf
Affirmation 17.12.09 uaB Negative /img/files/reports/report_6A068B95-4A41-433C-9584-B0F4CEE38BF8.pdf
Downgrade with outlook change 29.09.09 uaB Negative /img/files/reports/report_3000DBC9-BE1B-4010-A0B6-A194E3B7FF48.pdf
Affirmation 30.06.09 uaBB+ Stable
Affirmation 27.03.09 uaBB+ Stable /img/files/reports/report_8C399F13-17AA-4256-AC65-61EDDC766DFA.pdf
Affirmation 25.12.08 uaBB+ Stable
Affirmation 12.09.08 uaBB+ Stable
Affirmation 12.06.08 uaBB+ Stable
Upgrade with outlook change 25.03.08 uaBB+ Stable
Affirmation with outlook change 29.11.07 uaBB Positive
Affirmation 20.09.07 uaBB Stable
Affirmation 29.05.07 uaBB Stable
Affirmation 15.03.07 uaBB Stable
Affirmation 28.11.06 uaBB Stable
Assignment 14.09.06 uaBB Stable
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